Alignsat 1.2m Ka Band Earth Station Antenna

Item No.: Ka02
Alignsat 1.2m Ka band antenna is a high performance antenna designed for Ka-band satellite communications. The antenna is a rugged, commercial quality product suitable for the most demanding applications.
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Technical specifications:
Electrical Specification
Type ATKa120
Electrical Ka-Band
Operating Frequency (GHz) Receive Transmit
18.9~19.3 28.8~29.07
Midband Gain ( +/- .5 dB) Receive Transmit
44.8 48.3
Polarization Linear/Circular
XPD(on Axis), dB   35
Axial Ratio   1.2
VSWR 1.3 1.3
Antenna Noise Temperature
5° Elevation
10° Elevation
-3 dB Beam Width, Mid-band 0.81° 0.56°
-10 dB Beam Width, Mid-band 1.38° 0.95°
Tx. Power Capability, KW   5
Feed Interface WR42 WR28
Feed Insertion Loss, dB 0.4 0.3
Isolation, Tx to Rx, dB 90dB
Isolation, Rx to Tx, dB 90dB
Mechanical Specification
Antenna Diameter 1.2m
Antenna Type Ring Focus
Antenna Weight 80kg
Antenna Pointing Range Azimuth
360° (Continuous)
0~90° (Continuous)
180° (Continuous)
Environmental Specification
Operational Wind 72km/h gusting to 97km/h
Survival Wind 216km/h
Ambient Temperature Indoor
Relative Humidity 100%
Solar Radiation 1135Kcal/h/m²