Alignsat 1.2M Ku Band offset Antenna

Product characteristics
Alignsat 1.2M-meter offset-satellite communication antenna adopts steel column rotating head, full rust-proof surface treatment, stable structure, long service life, high efficiency and high strength aluminum alloy material for r
Electrical Performance Mechanical performance
Antenna Equivalent Aperture 1.2m Reflector accuracy RMS≤0.2mm
Operating frequency RX:10.7—12.75GHzGHz Reflector material  
Welded steel pipe
TX:13.75—14.5GHzGHz Thickness 1.8mm
Gain±0.5dB  RX:41.5.dBi@12.25GHz
Antenna type Offset
VSWR RX:1.25:1max Pedestal Weld steel pipe
3dB Beam width RX:1.3°@12.25GHz EL 5°~90°
First side Lobe ≤-20dB    
Side lobe envelope
AZ ±360°
Pointing error ≤0.2°
Axial ratio XPI Linear PolXPI≥30dB Environmental adaptability  
Circular Pol Axial ratio ≤1.55dB
Antenna Noise Temperature
20° EL
≤28K Wind load Work 72~97Km/h
    Survival 200Km/h
    Temperature range -25~60
    Relative Humidity 0~100%
    Seismic capacity 0.3G¢s( Horizontal
0.15G¢s( Vertical
    Ice and snow load 13mm Normal work with ice load
25mm Not destroy with ice load