Alignsat 1.2m Vehicle Mounted Antenna System

Item No.: DS02
The Alignsat 1.2m Vehicle mounted antenna system is developed specifically tailored for light vehicle models. The system could be used for news gathering, emergence communication, importance events communication.
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The Alignsat 1.2m Vehicle mounted antenna system is developed specifically tailored for light vehicle models. The system could be used for news gathering, emergence communication, importance events communication. The antenna system come equipped with remarkable advantages such as smaller size, lighter weight, higher reliability, and also very to use.
The mechanical part of the vehicle antenna system adopts the advanced drive system that is introduced from Germany, which not only assures the stability, reliability and flexibility in an effective manner, but also reduces the weight of the antenna system significantly.
The control system adopts advanced single chip micro controlling technology, which enables the strong adaptability and user-friendly interface. You could get acquainted with the system easily. Apart from this, our system is also loaded with manual controlling mechanism, which is independent from the auto controller. By switching between two modes accordingly, the effectiveness, flexibility and usability is tremendously improved, which adequately demonstrate what is necessary for an emergency communication device.

Performance Strength

  • The systems is loaded with integrated GPS systems and receiver, E-compass, incline-meter. All these features necessities the need for an automatic examination of antenna Azimuth, Elevation ,pitch roll angle, local longitude and latitude, therefore features the antenna with accurate positioning ability.
  • Conforms with CCIR580-4, the access requirements of Asia Satellite T and  China Satellite
  • Military level precision transmission system, assuring the ability and capacity to work at all time
  • Equipped with LED, and user-friendly interface
  • Single independent operation, with the flexibility to choose from automatic/manual mode
  • Greatly improve the usability of system by embracing the manual/automatic mode feature
  • Eliminate the need for leveling, featured with the ability to accurately targeting within the range of 10 degrees
  • Beacon Signal tracking, including multiple ways of pointing satellite such as referencing satellite and targeting satellite
  • Three modes ready for use contingent on various work settings: Auto, electric, and manual
  • Adopting carbon fiber antenna reflector, strongly resistant to corrosion
  • Light weight and low profile, easy for accommodation
Control System Specifications
Model No. AT12DWAK
Tracking Mode Step Tracking, manual Tracking
Tracking Accuracy Normally work: 1/10Beamwidth---Normally
Abnormality work:1/8Beamwidth---Abnormality
Display Accuracy of Position Display: 0.1°
Screen: LED
Status: Alarm, Faults, State, Parameters-Display
Number of Satellite Automatic Guided 10 Satellites
remote control interface Ethernet RJ-45
Input freq. 950 ~ 1750MHz
Input Beacon Signal Level -55 ~ -105dBm
Max. Input Signal Level -10 dBm
Step range of Adjustment 10 KHz
Variation of Output DC 0~10 V DC
Slope of Output Signal 0.5V/dB
Noise figure 25dB max
Capture Time Rapidly Locking & Capture PLL<1  sec (±120KHz Sweep width)
Detect Band-width 2.5KHz, 4KHz, 250KHz
Sweep bandwidth ±250KHz
C/N0(Narrow Band) 40dB/Hz Min. Least
C/N0(Wide Band) 61dB/Hz MIN. Least
Input Impedance 75Ω Or 50Ω
RF connector N-type
Operating Temperature -10° ~ 50°C
Power Requirements 190 ~ 240V/2A/50Hz
Power consumption 40W
Dimensions Standard of 19 Inch 1U
Weight 4.5kg
Technical Specifications
Equivalent Diameter 1.8m
Antenna Type Single offset carbon fiber antenna
Pointing satellite time 3Min,From deploy to pointing target satellite
Weight ≤54Kg(Exclude BUC)
Operation Frequency Tx 13.75 ~ 14.50 GHz
Rx 10.95 ~ 12.75 GHz
Gain Tx 43.5 @ 14.25GHz
Rx 42@ 12.5GHz
Polarization Linear
Cross-Pol. Isolation ≥35dB
VSWR 1.3:1
Side-lobe Characteristic Tx 29-25logθ   (1°≤θ<20°)
Rx 29-25logθ (1°≤θ<20°)
Power Capacity ≥500W
Rotation Range Azimuth ± 180°
Elevation 0°~90°
Polarization ± 90°
Weight ≤54Kg(Exclude BUC)
Alignsat 1.2m Drive away antenna system of device deploy
No. Details Qty Remarks
1 Ku  band of ALIGNSAT1200 Vehicle Antenna and Step-tracking system 1  
1.1 ALIGNSAT1200 Antenna 1  
1.2 Host Reflector 1 Carbon Fiber
1.3 OMT & Reject Filter 1  
1.4 Transmission Flat 1  
2 Servo System 1  
2.1 LED screen 1 Built in the Controller
2.2 Embed Computer 1 Built in the Controller
2.3 Beacon receiver 1 Built in the Controller
2.4 Back-up manual control system 1 Built in the Controller
2.5 Step Motor Driver 1 Built in the Antenna
3 Gesture Control System 1  
3.1 Vehicle GPS receiver and the Antenna 1  
3.2 HMR3000  E-Compass& Incline 1  
4 Wave-guide &Feed System 1