Alignsat 3.0m VSAT antenna

Item No.: VS03
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Alignsat 3m antenna delivers exceptional high performance for transmit/receive application in C ,Ku, ka, X band in Tx/Rx 2 port or Rx 2 port with high gain ,low noise and low microwave interference.
Alignsat 3m antenna offers a fine reflector design with a stretch formed double contoured panels, strong back struts and hub for ease of field alignment. The standard designed azimuth over elevation pedestal provides a cost-effective solution for ground or roof installation with high stiffness and stability, full orbital arc coverage and fine drive performance, and ensures the pointing and tracking accuracy.
The electrical performance is compliant with FCC and ITU-RS-580 side lobe specifications and Intelsat, Eutelsat, INMARSAT, ASIASAT, APT and CHINASAT, etc requirement.

Performance Strength

  • High quality aluminum reflector panels and galvanized steel backup structure.
  • C, Ku, Ka, X band available, meeting FCC and ITU-RS-580 requirements.
  • Galvanized steel elevation over azimuth pedestal.
  • Fixed foundation and Non penetrating foundation optional for wider choice.
  • Survives 125 mph winds in any position.
Electrical Specification
Type AT30C AT30K
Operating Frequency, GHz C band Ku band
Receive Transmit Receive Transmit
3.625~4.2 5.85~6.425 10.95~12.75 13.75~14.5
Gain, Mid-band, dBi 40.1 43.7 49.6 50.8
Polarization Linear /circular Linear
XPD(on Axis), dB 35 35 35 35
XPD across 1dB Beam Width, dB 33 33 33 33
Axial Ratio/2-PortFeed
1.3 1.09    
VSWR 1.25 1.25 1.25 1.25
Antenna Noise Temperature 2-port feed
10° Elevation
30° Elevation
50° Elevation

G/T ( El>10°) 20.4dB/°K
-3 dB Beam Width, Mid-band 1.5° 1.1° 0.56° 0.49°
Tx. Power Capability, KW   5   2
Feed Interface CPR—229G CPR—137G WR-75 WR-75
Feed Insertion Loss, dB 0.2 0.2 0.25 0.2
Isolation, Tx to Rx, dB 90 85
First Side lobe                                90% Peaks under Following Envelop -14
Mechanical Specification
Antenna Diameter 3.0m
Antenna Type Ring Focus
Surface   Accuracy(RMS) ≤0.35mm
Antenna Pointing Range Azimuth 0°~360°
Elevation 0°~90°
Polarization ±360°
Drive Mode Manual or Motorized
Motor Drive System Azimuth Travel Rate 0.11°/S(0.03°/S)
Elevation Travel Rate 0.17°/S(0.04°/S)
Antenna reflector Material Aluminum Alloy
Finish of steel parts Hot dipped Zinc
Environmental Specification
Operational Wind 72km/h gusting to 97km/h
Survival Wind 216km/h
Temperature -40°~+60°
Relative Humidity 100%
Solar Radiation 1135Kcal/h/m²
Seismic(Survival) 0.3g(H), 0.15g(V)
Ice Loading 13mm Operational; 25mm Survival