Alignsat 6.2m Ka band antenna

           1.2.1. Antenna electrical specification
Item Description
Frequency(GHz) Tx:29.4-31.0 Rx:19.6-21.2
(Mid-band, dBi)
≥62.8 ≥59.5
Side Lobes 1st sidelobe not higher than -14dB
Other sidelobes compliant with ITU-R S.580-6.
Antenna Noise Temperature 150K (at 10°EL angel)
Feed Type Corrugated horn and TE21 mode coupler
VSWR for Corrugated Horn ≤1.30
AR (dB) ≤0.5
Port and port Isolation (dB) Tx to Rx >85, Rx to Rx >15, Tx to Tx >20
Power Capability 1kw  
      1.2.2. Antenna mechanical specification
Item Description
Antenna Type Modified Ring-foucs Antenna, El over Az geometry
Antenna Diameter (m) 6.2
Main Reflector Accuracy (mm) £0.30rms
Subreflector Accuracy (mm) £0.15 rms
Mount Type Az and EL for Limited-Motion (LMA)
Driving Chain Mode Single-motor for azimuth axis
Single-motor for elevation axis
Drive range Azimuth drive: ±85° Separating into two sections
Continuous in each section, screw jack drive.
Elevation drive: 5° - 90° continuous, screw jack drive.
Antenna Accessorial Parts and
Hot Dip Galvanise
Lightning Arresting Rods
Lightning Arrestor down-conductors
Foundation HW
      1.2.3. Antenna servo control and tracking specifications
Item Description
Travel maximum velocity AZ / ELAxis Drive Rates up to 0.04°/s;
Autotrack method Step Tracking
Tracking Accuracy £0.033°rms
Antenna Operation Mode Step tracking, Programmed Tracking; Stand-by,
Manual Driving; Position Preset

          1.2.4. Antenna environmental conditions and other features
Item Description Remark
Ambient Temperature -40°C+55°C (Outdoor)
+30°C (indoor)
Relative Humidity 0%100%  
Anti-wind Capability Steady wind: 45km/h, gust:72km/h Normal Operation

Item Description Remark
Steady wind: 72km/h, gust: 97km/h Degraded Operation  
gust wind:180km/h Survival in any position  
gust wind:200km/h Survival in stow at peak  
Others Packing (sea freight)  
Feed Rain Blower    
12 months warranty