Alignsat S/X/Ku-band Feed

Item No.: F1
Detailed technical parameters depends on the customer's technical requirements, Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Techanical specifications:

a)     Frequency:
         S band: 2200MHz~2300MHz (Rx)
         X band: 7900MHz~9000MHz (Rx)
         Ku band: 12.25GHz~12.75GH (Rx)
                        14.0GHz~14.5GH (Tx)

b)    Polarization: S band: LHCP/RHCP switching
                              X band: LHCP/RHCP switching
                              Ku band: HLP/VLP switching

c)    AR: S band: ≤1.2:1
              X band: ≤1.12:1

d)   XPI: Ku band≥35dB (on axial)

e)   Ku band Rx/Tx Isolation: ≥90dB

f)    VSWR: S band: ≤1.5:1
                   X band: ≤1.35:1
                   Ku band: ≤1.35:1

g)   Tracking Method:
       S/X band: Monopulse tracking
       Ku band: Step tracking